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Why trust your smile to someone you have never met?

If you have minor tooth alignment issues, or lost or forgot to wear your retainer, call us today to learn more about


Invisalign® Treatments to Go in Brick and Clark, New Jersey,Exclusively from Bosonac Orthodontics
Find a real smile solution, instead of ordering your aligners online.

How It Works:

You schedule a visit with us for a consultation and exam

Four weeks later, your new Invisalign aligners come to your home, or to our office.

Wear them as directed by our orthodontists

Pick up your retainer after you are done

Show off your new smile!

What You Get:

20 aligners for five months of treatment at $2995

We will be happy to help you finance your treatment and can save you time by filing your insurance claim!

You can upgrade to a full Invisalign treatment whenever you want.*

Send us a selfie and call 732-920-0888 to see if BOS2Go is right for you!


*Additional fees will be included
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