Our orthodontists provide custom athletic mouth guards to protect your teeth and smile. We are committed to helping you enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile for years to come. We invite you to call Bosonac Orthodontics at 732-746-4596 to learn more about our custom sports guards in Brick, New Jersey, and make your appointment with Dr. Stephen Bosonac and Dr. Brian Bosonac.

The Guardlab™ system allows our orthodontists can create your custom mouth guards in just 3 simple steps.

1 – Design and Customize

To receive a mouth guard that is comfortable and which will protect your teeth, you want to get a digital scan. Custom mouth guards are made through a combination of science and 3D technology, with digital scans capturing every curve and ridge of your teeth for a perfect fit. Your mouth guard is designed only for you.

2 – Get Scanned

Simply make an appointment for your scan with our orthodontists. Your entire appointment will take about 15 minutes.

3 – Deliver

Your mouth guard will be created an shipped to you in 10-14 business days. All of our mouth guards are proudly made in the USA.


Our orthodontists recommend sports mouth guards for anyone who plays a sport or participates in recreational athletics. Athletic mouth guards are often required for those who participate in high-contact sports, such as wrestling, football, hockey, rugby, soccer, basketball or baseball. They are custom-designed to fit your smile perfectly, and work to prevent injury to your teeth, mouth and jaw, including the tongue, lips, cheeks and gums.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our orthodontists and learn more about the benefits of custom athletic mouth guards.