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The decision to have orthodontic treatment is an important one, but our orthodontists, Dr. Stephen Bosonac and Dr. Brian Bosonac, and team do not want your first visit to be overwhelming. We pride ourselves on being a patient-friendly practice with a team that makes sure you are comfortable throughout every step of your treatment. To help you prepare for your orthodontic treatment in Brick and Clark, New Jersey, our team has provided the patient resources below.

What can you expect during a regular visit to visit to Bosonac Orthodontics? It takes about 45 minutes to an hour and a half to place your appliances. Then we schedule you for appointments every six to eight weeks to check your progress and make any adjustments in your treatment plan. For our parents and kids in school we usually schedule those longer appointments in the morning and our shorter appointments after school is out for the day. This allows us to see as many families as possible during the afternoon. If you have questions about your treatment or would like to plan your visit to our office, call 732-920-0888 (Brick) or 732-388-4144 (Clark) today.